Chairman Ibrahim Issac Yarrow

The Chairman of the Board of Director of the S.W.S.U. Hon. Ibrahim Issac Yarrow, he is a distinguished researcher and Master in sociology, he is a Member of the Federal Parliament, acting Deputy Minister of Posts, Telecommunication and Information Technology at Federal Government, former Deputy Minister of Security.

"Our vision is a safe and free, democratic Somalia. The South West State is a laboratory for our projects and efforts, we have and acknowledged background as moderate and peaceful people and training our magistrates, civil servants, police, lawyers, we will improve the role of law and rebuild our country. We are supported by United Nations institutions and assisted by an international staff."

"Post graduate education and continuing education for top officers is our priority but we will train also the young people of Somalia in order to create the next generation class of professionals."

"We are guided and oriented by our elders and senior representatives of our society."