South West State University S.W.S.U.

Was established by the President of the State H.E. Shariff Hassan Sheikh Aden and by the Minister of Justice and Judicial Affairs.

The Ph. D. School of Legal, International and Security Studies of the University is the State Institute for High Studies, Analysis and Continuing Education for magistrates, prosecutors, lawyers, diplomats and civil servants and hosts an international faculty and staff.

The School is also hosting visiting Ph.D. candidates from international organizations and foreign universities.

We are rebuilding our country after several years of civil war.

We believe in the role of law, in the co-operation with United Nations and its bodies for the development of international relations, we trust in our State Institutions and in a peaceful and democratic society and in the potential of our people and professionals.

Our support to the Supreme Court and to the Judiciary: We co-operate with the Federal Ministry of Justice and with the S.W.S. Ministry of Justice and Judicial Affairs to support the Office of the Attorney General at federal level and the S.W.S. Supreme Court, the High Court, the other Tribunals and offices. We are assisting the Chief Justice for the training of the magistrates, prosecutors, judicial police, civil servants.

Our support to the Parliament: We are assisting the Parliament in the drafting of a text of the State Constitutional Chart.

We are also assisting the Parliament to review and implement the State legislation and to translate in Somali language the Penal Code and the Civil Code.

Spokesman of the Parliament Hon. Abdulkadir Sharif Shekuna at the S.W.S.U. opening ceremony

Our Relation with the Ministry of Communications: We are developing the project of a free television to be located in Baidoa and the project for a Web and Satellite TV. The implementation of public awareness on the main activities of the State Institutions and the needs of a free press and democratic debate on the main issues and political themes, requires an open platform and continuing communications.

A TV Center at the Ministry of Communications and mobile units, as well as a daily media monitoring and press release collection are supported by the S.W.S.U..

Our relations with the Ministry of Education: We support the special projects of the Ministry of Education such as the education of the young dissidents from terrorist groups and criminal organizations including the ongoing projects for boys and girls rescued by the State from Al Shabab camps and juvenile projects for stopping piracy at the sea and armed robbery.

Our relations with the African Union: We co-operate with the Ethiopian peacekeepers in Baidoa as well as with Uganda military in Mogadishu and other UN troops. We established relations with the United Nations Department of Safety and Security in Mogadishu and with the representatives of several countries.

We are supported by The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute.

Establishment of the South West State of Somalia University, Ph. D. School for Legal, International and Security Studies, based at the former Collegio Baidoa.